🎅🏻 Not long now… Santa will soon be on his way 🦌🦌🛷

…but some people got an early Christmas present, courtesy of the Westcott Cricket Club Xmas Draw..!!

🎅 🎄☃️ Many thanks to all those who supported the evening and to those that purchased tickets.   🥂🍻🍾🥤🥃

Congratulations to all our winners. Results of the draw are shown below. Please contact Pete Busby on  07979 470734 to arrange collection of your prize(s).

Also check out the 120 Club page to see if you were the winner of £100 for the December draw.

Westcott Cricket Club Xmas Draw 2021 Winners
Prize Draw Number Winner
Top Prize – £100 cash 223 Saleem
Seasonal Xmas Hamper 46 Rasika
Bottle of Jack Daniels 181 Nick Solway
M&S £25 voucher 323 Mark Strong
Bottle of Bells Whisky 383 Dale Sweetman
Dining out Gift Card 233 Tony Burcham
Toiletries 123 Giles Burkitt
Bottle of Port 75 JP
Akeman Inn “Pizza for 2” voucher 139 Pete Brashure
Bottle of Sherry 93 Sue Raynor
XOX Game 345 James Callen
Bottle of Whisky 44 David Rolls
Tin of Quality Street 113 Saleem
Bottle of Red Wine 316 Nick Raynor
Wine Duo 263 Tony Burcham
Akeman Inn “Pizza for 2” voucher 111 Dan Ridgway
Bottle of Prosecco 281 Stuart Symes
Tin of Heroes 178 Simon Tomlinson
Wine Duo 324 Mark Strong
Toiletries 222 Peg Bailey
Bottle of White Wine 201 Rita Tomlinson
Tin of Roses 371 Bob Wiles
Bottle of Red Wine 118 Jenny Adams
Tin of Heroes 261 David Rolls
Bottle of White wine 59 Dan Ridgway
Bottle of Bucks Fizz 165 Menick
Bottle of Chardonnay 292 Menick
Tin of Quality Street 258 Pete Busby
Bottle of Red Wine 199 Trev Smith
Bottle of White Wine 28 Barry Raynor
Tin of Heroes 262 Pete Avery
Bottle of Mulling Sryup 304 Laura Bateman
Bottle of White Wine 290 Pete Atkins
Bottle of Mulled Wine 238 Menick
Toiletries 71 Martin Wiles
Bottle of White Wine 107 Nick Solway
Marble Game 136 Stuart Symes
Bottle of Red Wine 350 Pete Smith
Tin of Roses 225 Pete Avery
Bottle of White Wine 10 Dan Ridgway
Bottle of White Wine 68 Jackie Searle