Westcott cc held their annual fireworks display on the 4th November, giving Westcott CC  members, family and friends the chance to come out and enjoy an evening of fine food, drink, and fireworks as winter draws in. The evening followed the now tried and trusted formula that makes this evening such a success time & time again with everybody meeting early to get themselves a drink (or two) before sitting down for some of Raz’s famous curry or some of the age old firework night staple of sausage and mash (or in some case’s both). This was followed by the call to go outside and watch the fireworks with sparklers also being provided for the kids, both big and small, Tiz & Barry yet again provided a superb display (of fireworks), it never ceases to surprise me as to the quality of the display they produce for such a reasonable  ( some would say cheap) ticket price, after the fireworks finale it was back inside for pudding ( generously donated by some of the members) and a few more drinks allowing for some more socialising( and a bit of silly chat in the circles i was moving in). Many Thanks to Tiz, Barry, Raz and their family’s for organising and running this popular event and i am very much looking forward to a repeat next year, also thanks must go to everyone else who helped out in anyway, with the food, organisation or help on the evening, these events could not be held with out you volunteers, Thank You.