Fundraising is an important part of Westcott CC’s ethos as we attempt to keep our match fees down to make cricket affordable & accessible to all, as a community club we need help from our members & the wider community to achieve  our goal. One way that our members can help is by paying into one of our monthly/weekly draws detailed below;

Bonus Ball

Runs for 20 weeks during the cricket season costing £1.00 per week, with a £30.00 payout to each weeks winner or a rollover if there is no winner, commences on the 5th may.

120 Club

Runs for a 1 year period costing £1.00 per month with 10 monthly payouts of £50.00 & £10.00 to the winners & 2no 6 monthly  payouts of £100.00 & £20.00 to the winners, commences in July

To enter either of these draws to help our club or if you know anybody that might be interested in joining contact Pete Busby on 07979 470734