Bonus Ball

The Bonus Ball is back for another season..!!

It is very simple and based upon the main National Lottery “Lotto” draw each Saturday. There are 59 numbers to choose from, of which one of those will be the bonus ball number. Simply, the winner of the “Bonus Ball” lottery is the person with that number. If your number is the National Lottery Bonus Ball on Saturday you win the grandiose sum of £30 – it’s as simple as that! And you could win again and again (if you are that lucky!!)

The 2021 Bonus Ball will start on Saturday 01 May and run for 20 weeks, with the final draw of the season being Saturday 11 September. You can join any time, assuming that there are numbers available to choose from that haven’t already been selected.

All you have to do is contact Pete (Buz) Busby on mob: 07979 470734 to participate.

Winners will be notified – but simply follow the National Lottery to see if your number comes up and if so, the £30 is yours..laughing

Please take part if you can.. it’s a great fundraiser for YOUR Club and it costs the princely sum of £1.00 per number per week.

Plus…Don’t forget to browse the Club Shop and order your playing, training and leisure wear prior to the start of the season ..!!!!

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